Who we are!

We are a voluntary team

in Portsmouth, whose passion

is the welfare of Cats.

Reuniting lost and found cats,

by scanning them for a microchip at all hours.

If no microchip is found, we advertise and leaflet the local area. Cats are re-homed after the legal length of time of original owners not coming forward. Our Volunteers give their time freely and without complaint, spending time setting up traps and watching them in all kinds of weather. Some will walk for miles helping cats in need. Injured long term strays are taken and treated at a respected Veterinary Clinic and cared for at our rescue cabins known as Penny’s Place. RTA / deceased cat are taken to the vets or a place of safe holding until owners are informed.

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Portsmouth Cats Lost, Found & Rehomed


Pennys Place Cabins are part of Portsmouth Cats Lost, Found & Re-homed.

Founded in 2013 by

Penny Parker and managed with the Admin Team (Heidi, Becky, Sue, Helen & Kevin) who fund raise to help cover the cost of the Veterinary bills for cats health, care, neuter and spay of cats and kittens.

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